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How to sell your stamp collection 

If you are an expert in your specialist area, have invested extensive time and money building up a stamp collection and are now looking for a buyer at the right price, we can be of assistance.

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An expert discussion

Stamps are historical components of our culture, mute witnesses of times past – this is the particular attraction of collecting stamps. You certainly do not need us to tell you that stamp collecting is a passion that never fades. However, in addition to a passion for the subject matter, extensive and precise expertise is required. Which means that it is all the more important to leave your stamp collection in the expert hands of our experienced philatelists. Why not come and talk shop with our experts, telling us about what you have in mind for your stamp collection?

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Unusual material is still in demand

Every item has a financial and a sentimental value. As a stamp collector, you view your collection as something that enriches your life and are willing to invest quite a lot of money in it. However, a “normal” stamp collection is not as easy to sell as was the case back in the 1980s. The market is changing and current demand is more specialist in nature.

Effective marketing – higher proceeds

We would be happy to advise you on how to find the right buyer and maximise the proceeds from your collection, either complete or split up into smaller components. Featuring your collection prominently in a special catalogue is just one of our many innovative marketing concepts. You can also benefit from our international customer base – professional collectors and dealers around the world who will appreciate the value of your stamp collection. Put your trust in us – the partner of choice for quality philately.

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