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Videos from  auction house Felzmann

Here you will find videos of highlights from the auctions. We present individual items and collections of stamps, letters, postcards, coins and medals. 

Current videos around auctions and auction house

Here you will find videos from the highlights of our auctions. Our experts regularly select favorite pieces from the current catalogues to present in short videos. Single lots and collections of stamps, coins, postcards and medals can be presented. Sometimes individual items are discussed in detail, sometimes entire collections or estates we have in auction. Let us surprise you.

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Please note: Our videos are in German, please turn on the English subtitles!

Auction stamps 177

Philately and History - Goethe and Old Eagles at Felzmann's

Spider Man unique - stamp without matrix code

Advice & Estimation at Felzmann

Whatsapp service for stamps

How to submit stamps and coins

Auction stamps & coins 176

Stamp Collections: Europe and overseas in auction

China Wuhan stamps estate special auction catalogue

Large stock of stamps in the auction: The estate of Willy Pedersen

Rare gold coin: 10 rubles of Dassier - icon of Russia numismatics

Collection Alexander in the auction: Exotic collection fiscal stamps

Hometown collectors: Historical postcards Siegburg collected over 50 years

Collections of historical postcards: precursors from 1885 to 1889

Auction stamps & coins 175

Extremely high quality collection of stamps: German Colonies, German Empire and many more

A solidus of the Roman emperor Iovian

Original Apollo 15 moon letter from 1971 with signatures of all three crew members

Auction stamps & coins 174

Presentation of international stamp collections: China, Egypt, USA and many more.

Great stamp estate of a banker from 1918! - "Dresden Essence"

Lot 6075 - Well-kept stamp collection 

5000 Francs Cameroon Banknote (1962)

Presentation of Ancient Numismatics - Denarius of the Roman Emperor Pupienus

Auction stamps & coins 173

Stamp Collections Overseas

Proof sets Albania and Haiti in the auction

Collections Europe and Overseas (Auction 172)

Special Catalogue Auction Skandinavia

Videos Stamps & Coins 171st auction

Stamp Collections Europe - Auction 171 

Stamp Collections Overseas - Auction 171

Rare Coins - Highlights in Coin auction Auction 171

Karl Goetz Medals in auction - Auction 171

Spacemail Art at auction - A work of art by Charles Wilp - Auction 171

An exciting estate stamp collection - Auction 171