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Verified quality

We set great store by the genuineness and quality of everything we auction – this is the basis for our successful auctions.

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We guarantee the quality of our auction lots.

Ever since people have collected stamps and coins, there have been unscrupulous attempts to imitate rare and expensive issues in order to part collectors and their money. Accordingly, all auction lots are examined by our employees during the lot processing stage to determine their quality and their worth. It is ultimately the quality of stamps and coins that determine their value and, in turn, the price that you can expect them to reach at an auction.

Certificates from recognised experts

In order to ensure maximum security for our customers when bidding for rare items, we have these certified by recognised experts, who once again confirm the genuineness and quality of individual stamps and coins. So if you would like to be sure of getting the best possible price for your treasures, you need look no further than Felzmann Auction House.

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