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Post sale of the e@uction!

Buy stamps and coins from the last e@uction until 31 January with 10% discount. Place your bids on the lots that interest you!

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Results list e@uction - Surcharge results stamps & coins

In this list you will find all award results of the 35th e@uction as PDF.

results coins and stamps - e@uction 35

e@uction - unsold lots stamps & coins

In dieser Liste finden Sie alle Rücklose der 35. e@uction als PDF.

unsold lots coins and stamps - e@uction 35

Take advantage of the opportunity to buy unsold tickets at a 10% discount until 31 January 2023 (limited tickets excluded).

All lots coins and stamps in the online catalogue

Choose your collection area and find your desired lot. Submit a bid directly in the online catalogue or send an email to info@felzmann.de.

Here you find our online catalogue