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Unique space art from MIR space station on sale

Auction: 29 June - 3 July 2021


Bringing a piece of space travel home - The solar sail energy supply of the MIR

A very special piece of space travel is part of the Felzmann anniversary auction, but not part of the live auction. If you are interested in this artwork, please contact our office directly at: +49 (0)211 550 440 or with an email to info@felzmann.de.

It is a work of art by the Düsseldorf artist and advertising pioneer Charles Wilp (1932-2005). Wilp who saw himself as an "ARTronaut" and media artist worked with other renowned artists such as Yves Klein, Jean Tinguely, Andy Warhol or Josef Beuys.

The solar sail energy supply of the MIR

A massive safe made from the steel of the space station MIR includes, behind a viewing window made of glass, a collage of gold-vaporized satellite foil, which also comes from board of the MIR, as well as other objects and the certificate "ABOARD MIR ... 1997 ..." with octagonal staton seal as well as personal cosmonaut signatures.

This unique piece measures 70 x 63 cm.

These are rare, if not unique, opportunities to secure such a one-of-a-kind piece of space history!

Take the opportunity to view it in our offices.

Price on request

Negotiation base 80.000 €

Space art the solar sail of the MIR space station

30 Sgr Innendienst, durch Randklebung minimal gestaucht, sehr seltene alleinige Frankatur in Nachverwendung aus der NdP-Zeit, klar und zentrisch mit blauem mecklenburger L2 MALCHOW 21.12.(1868)
Unique piece of art