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Exclusive Auction Peter Zgonc

All information about the Peter Zgonc Exclusiv Auction you can find here.

Canadian coins

Look at our canadian coins in the spring auction 2019.

The System of Terror

Published together with Auktionshaus Felzmann, the book “Das System des Terrors 1933 – 1945” by philatelist Claus Geissler gives a unique overview of the postal system used by concentration camps under National Socialism.

211 days in space

Auktionshaus Felzmann is now to auction the diary of Soviet cosmonaut Anatoly Nikolayevich Berezovoy written during his time in space in 1982.

China Stamps

Special topics of stamps and coins from all over the world. What is so special about the Blue Mauritius? Why are china stamps that much in demand?

Mauritius stamps

Blue or red Mauritius? What means Post Office and Post Paid? Here you get more details on what lies behind these legendary stamps.

Forged cancel stamps

Forged cancel stamps discoverd. Auctioneer Ulrich Felzmann was rather astonished to be offered over 40 forged cancel stamps from various territories.


Who among us is not fascinated and drawn to the adventures of manned space flight, of the great technological achievements and dreams, of challenges to be overcome, and of the daring men and women who met them?

Zeppelin mail

Zeppelin mail is one of the most popular collection fields in Germany as well as being one of the forerunners of modern airmail.