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Willy Pedersen Estate

Special topics of stamps and coins from all over the world. What is so special about the Blue Mauritius? Why are china stamps that much in demand?

The Wuhan Estate

Untouched for decades: With the Wuhan insisted, coveted rarities come back on the market in this China special catalogue.

10 Ruble by Dassier - Icon of Russia-Numismatics

All about 10 Ruble by Dassier - Icon of Russia-Numismatics in our auction.

China stamps special II

An exciting China special catalogue stamps at Auktionshaus Felzmann. Single lots and collections of China stamps on offer.

Banknotes Special Catalogue Auction 174

A special banknote catalogue will be auctioned at the 174th auction at Auktionshaus Felzmann. A collection, created with great financial and time effort as well as outstanding expertise.

China spacial catalogue I

An exciting China special catalogue stamps at Auktionshaus Felzmann. Single lots and collections of China stamps on offer.

autograph cards and autographs

We sell original autographs of personalities from film, sports, politics, art, science and much more.

Medals and decorations

What are medals an badges still worth? From 10 to 100.000 euro, any amount comes into question. Learn more about the most important key facts.


There are different kinds of medals. We show you some examples of our auctions.

China Stamps

The prices for stamps of the People's Republic of China continue to rise. Read here what factors are causing the high prices.

Olympia Coins

In 1952, Olympic coins were issued for the first time and have been extremely popular ever since. In our auctions we offer many different motifs.

Penny Black

The Penny Black ist the world’s first ever stamp. Auktionshaus Felzmann had no fewer than eight specimens of them in one auction.

Monika Mann - Daughter of Thomas Mann

Rare 13 letters written by author Monika Mann to her friend Margret Sippold.

Preview Kingdom of Hanover

Selected highlights from the "Kingdom of Hanover" auction can be found here.

Medals Brandenburg & Prussia

More than 200 medals from contemporary history can be discovered and examined at the anniversary auction at Auktionshaus Felzmann.

Desinfected Mail

In the past, people disinfected mail to prevent the spread of certain diseases. Today, disinfected mail is particularly popular.

10 Euro Polymer Coin

On 4 April 2019, the €10 commemorative coin with the theme "In the air" was released. Learn more about this collector's item from our expert.

Big Gold in the 165th Auction

Gold coins are not only something for the eye. They tell stories. Coins designated as large gold were offered at the Felzmann auction house.

Canadian coins

Look at our canadian coins in the spring auction 2019.

Exclusive Auction Peter Zgonc

All information about the Peter Zgonc Exclusiv Auction you can find here.

Book The System of Terror

Published together with Auktionshaus Felzmann, the book “Das System des Terrors 1933 – 1945” by philatelist Claus Geissler gives a unique overview of the postal system used by concentration camps under National Socialism.

Kerstfest stamps

The withdrawn Kerstfest stamps are fetching top prices at auctions today. The auction house Felzmann auctioned three complete foil sheets.

211 days in space

Auktionshaus Felzmann is now to auction the diary of Soviet cosmonaut Anatoly Nikolayevich Berezovoy written during his time in space in 1982.

Earliest Prussia FDC

Sensational discovery at the Felzmann auction house. After 166 years, a first day cover from Prussia with the date 15 November 1850 appears.

Mauritius stamps

Blue or red Mauritius? What means Post Office and Post Paid? Here you get more details on what lies behind these legendary stamps.

Forged cancel stamps

Forged cancel stamps discoverd. Auctioneer Ulrich Felzmann was rather astonished to be offered over 40 forged cancel stamps from various territories.

Italian airmail

Discover exciting documents of Italian airmail and zeppelin mail. This time, the auction includes unique historical records and documents of the greatest Italian aviation pioneers.

ASSINDIA Coin Collection

For over thirty years, hundreds of gold and silver coins lay dormant in a large bank vault before the heirs addressed the Felzmann auction house.


Who among us is not fascinated and drawn to the adventures of manned space flight, of the great technological achievements and dreams, of challenges to be overcome, and of the daring men and women who met them?

Zeppelin mail

Zeppelin mail is one of the most popular collection fields in Germany as well as being one of the forerunners of modern airmail.

Horn of Africa

The collection "Horn of Africa", an outstandingly prepared niche area of philately in terms of postal history. From camel mail to airmail, this compilation offers an exciting insight into Africa's postal history.

The secret of S.M.S. Hansa

Find out more about the secret of S.M.S. Hansa