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Submitting bids

Submitting bids with Felzmann is secure and straightforward, whether live in the auction hall, on the telephone or on your computer. Simply choose the type of bidding that suits you best.

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Here is how to take part in the auction.

We offer you a number of different ways to bid for the auction lots securely and conveniently. Which appeals to you most? You have the choice here.

Live bidding online in real time

Regardless of where you are located, you can now take part in any auction in real time. If you are interested in a lot, you can join in the bidding with a simple click.

Here is how live bidding works: 


Technical requirements:

You do not need any additional software. A modern browser (Version 10 or later) such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome is usually sufficient. Java script needs to be activated. A fast internet connection is required.

Audio transmission:

You can also follow the auction live on your PC speakers and hear what the auctioneer says. Please note that it is possible that the audio signal will be delayed by up to one second. When bidding, please pay attention only to the information shown on the display. We reserve the right to turn off the sound during the auction, e.g. for technical reasons.


In order to be able to bid live, you must be registered and logged in. Please be sure to register as soon as possible. You can do so on our homepage – right at the top of the page where it says “Log in”. After registering successfully, you are free to take part in the live bidding. If you have already registered on our homepage, you can log in with your existing account under “log in”. You do not need to register separately for live bidding.

Your bidder number:

After you have logged in and are on the live bidding page, your bidder number will be shown in the middle of the monitor, e.g.: “You have successfully registered as bidder XXXX.” XXXX is your bidder number and is a number greater than 7000.

Credit line:

Once you have registered successfully, we will provide you with a credit line. Up to the specified limit, this credit line can be used to acquire lots. The credit limit available to you can be found on the right-hand side of the live bidding page in the blue “My Auction” box. Should this credit limit be insufficient for your needs, please contact us via the link “Increase credit” or by telephone. You can also lower the credit line limit yourself. To do so, simply choose the item “Self-defined limits” under “My Auction” and enter your own credit limit.


Every lot is called out individually and, after a short time, the notification “Going”, “Going”, “Gone” or “Not sold” appears for each lot. In order to submit a bid at this stage, you must click on “Submit bid” by the second “Going” at the latest. Please note that there is no specific residual time allotted for bidding and that the “Going”, “Going” ... stage can come very quickly. Owing to the large number of lots, it is possible for a lot to be auctioned very quickly indeed. Please do not wait until the end as you might be used to doing with other online auction houses. Instead, we would ask you to bid in good time when the starting bid is shown.

Bid amount:

The amount that must be bid is determined automatically by the system and is shown to you. You cannot change this amount.

Acquisition price:

You can see very clearly on the monitor whether you have been awarded a lot. You can also see on the monitor if you have been outbid.


Should you have any questions about the technology or the bidding process, please feel free to contact us at +49 (0)211-550 44 16.

Bidding in the online catalogue 

You can submit your bids online in just three steps – quickly, easily and securely. To do so, simply go to our online catalogue and use the filter and search function to find the lot that you are interested in. 

Step 1: Click on “Further details” and enter the bid that you would like to submit. Please note that you can only enter figures here. For example, if you would like to bid €100, you should enter 100 in the field. 

Step 2: Your bid has not yet been included in your bid list. Click on “Communicate bid”.

Step 3: You can now see your bid form. If you so wish, you can enter additional information about your bid here. Next, please check the box to indicate that you accept our General Auction Conditions and click on “Send preliminary bids now”. Your bid has now been sent.

Congratulations! Your bids have been communicated. You can now see an overview of your bid list. You will automatically receive a bid confirmation by e-mail.

Live hall bidding – the classic way to take part in an auction

Our auctions are held in our own auction hall at Immermannstrasse 51 in Düsseldorf – just a few minutes’ walk from Düsseldorf Central Station. To be able to bid at the auction, you will need a hall bidder number which you will be given at the reception to the auction hall. How to find us – Directions

Submitting written bids in advance

Please submit written bids on the bid form and send or fax it to us. We can only guarantee the complete registration of incoming bids when these have been submitted by the day before the auction in question.

  • In the case of written bids, you can submit alternate bids. This means that, if you are not awarded a specific lot, you can bid for another one instead.
  • You can also limit your bid form to a total hammer price amount (minimum €250).
  • Please note: If you are submitting a written bid but still intend to attend the auction in person and to collect any acquired lots directly, we would be happy to reserve you a hall bidder number and will put aside your successfully acquired lot(s) for you to collect on the day of your visit.
    Please indicate your wishes clearly on your bid form.

Live telephone bidding

We would be happy to call you on the day of the auction in sufficient time before your lot is due to be called. To do so, please fill in the field entitled “telephone bidder” on the bid form and send it to us. Please register as a telephone bidder in sufficient time before the auction and ensure that you can be reached on the day in question.

Please note that bids that are lower than the starting price cannot be submitted by telephone during the auction and that telephone bids always require written confirmation.

Auction bid form

Enter your bids here and send your bid form back to us. Here you can download the auction order in PDF form.

Auction order