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Who among us is not fascinated and drawn to the adventures of manned space flight, of the great technological achievements and dreams, of challenges to be overcome, and of the daring men and women who met them?


Space: the final frontier...

The great dream of mankind to overcome gravity and explore the universe has been around since time immemorial, and started to come to fruition in the middle of the 20th century.
Laika the Russian space dog – the first creature in space in 1957, Yuri Gagarin the first man in space in 1961, Neil Armstrong in 1969 taking the first step on the moon. All of these milestones and more are burned into the collective conscious of mankind.
It wasn’t always a friendly race to the stars, but it certainly was a competitive one that led to the great powers – Russia, America, and later China – to build the space stations: Soyuz, Skylab, MIR and later the ISS, the International Space Station.

Many of these unique events were documented by envelopes and artefacts that were either officially issued by space agencies or were private documents belonging to the cosmonauts and astronauts, revealing an intimate look into their thought processes at the time.

Top-hammer prices from preceding auctions

Space Mail, USA 1969, APOLLO 11 - geflogener MONDLANDEBRIEF vom NASA MSC Stamp Club.
Lot 5735: USA 1969, APOLLO 11 - flown MOON LANDING COVER from the NASA MSC Stamp Club, with identification "C-3" on small Earth in picture, starting price: 20,000 Euro, hammer price: 25,000 Euro.
Los 6238: USA 1971, APOLLO 14, Mondlandebrief No. 54 von 55 illustrierten, tatsächlich auf den Mond beförderten Belegen
Lot 6238: USA 1971, APOLLO 14, Lunar Landing Cover No. 54 of 55 illustrated covers actually carried to the moon.
Los 6296: ISS / STS-96, Brief Waleri Tokarews an den befreundeten Kommandeur der MIR, Victor Afanassjew mit ISS-Bordstempel
Lot 6296: ISS / STS-96, letter from Valery Tokarev to the friendly commander of the MIR, Victor Afanassyev with ISS board stamp
Los 6240: USA 1972, APOLLO 16, Mondlandebrief No. 14 von 25 illustrierten, tatsächlich auf den Mond beförderten Astronautenbelegen
Lot 6240: USA 1972, APOLLO 16, Lunar Landing Cover No. 14 of 25 illustrated astronaut covers actually carried to the moon.

Spacemail Highlights from our auctions

We are extremely proud to be able to present a large number of these sometimes unique items that document this historical process from the Russian and American space race to you. These items come from several world renowned international collectors and curators. In addition to the Apollo letters, that were actually on the moon, there is also a large amount of original pieces documenting the Russian and American space travel.

More fascinating original documents

Space philately in our auctions

Space philately will be an ongoing theme with us for a while, there are other treasures that are still waiting to be discovered that are with us already or on the way to us. An example of this is the dairy of the 51st cosmonaut Anatoly Nikolayevich Berezovoy, which he had with him on the orbital space station Salyut 7, over a period of 211 days, which gives deep insights to his personal and professional thoughts and feelings.

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Anatoli Nikolaievich Berezovoy im Weltraum, Astronaut, Tagebuch
Space cosmonaut Anatoly Nikolaievich Berezovoy in space

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