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Selling or auctioning stamps?

If you are interested in selling your stamps but are not sure how, you need look no further than Felzmann. Buying and auctioning stamps is our speciality – and the advantages that this offers you can be found by reading on.

Teaser Bühne Ankauf oder Versteigerung

First impressions count

We offer you a number of different options for selling your stamps and having them evaluated free of charge. The best way to start is to contact our experts by telephone – in just a few minutes, they will be able to give you helpful advice about selling your stamps. The next step that we would suggest is for you to come to our offices with your stamps and meet us in person. After all, first impressions are important and will assure you that you are in the best possible hands. In the case of very large collections or valuable material, our experts can also travel to addresses all over Germany and other european countries. Even if you live far away or are not mobile, we will find a solution together. Please contact us if you are interested.

Selling stamps – the fast way to make money

If you have decided to sell your stamps directly, we can offer you a good fixed price for them after having ascertained their value. Once you have signed the purchase agreement, you will receive the agreed amount paid out in cash immediately. This means, however, that you will not share in the proceeds when your stamps are auctioned later on.

Bild Briefmarken Verkaufen

Auctioning stamps – the way to maximise your proceeds

If you decide to have your stamps auctioned, we will work together with one goal in mind: to secure the maximum proceeds for your stamps. As your expert partner in the field of high-quality philately, our innovative marketing concept and international contacts will ensure that your stamps reach the best possible price. Benefit from the know-how of experienced experts and ensure the best possible price for your collectors’ items.

Cash advance against estimated auction proceeds

If you decide to have your stamps auctioned by us, we will estimate the auction proceeds for you. When handing your material over to us, you can – if you so wish – request a cash advance against the estimated auction proceeds. The final settlement will then take place six weeks after the auction.

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