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The System of Terror
1933 – 1945

This postal history book by philatelist Claus Geissler describes in clear detail, corroborated by countless covers, how the Nazi labour camp postal system was shaped under the National Socialists’ terror regime.

Das System des Terrors

Extensive insight into a previously little-researched area

From camp post to censorship stamps, this exhaustive work by collector Claus Geissler gives a unique overview of the postal system used by concentration camps under National Socialism. Published together with Auktionshaus Felzmann, the book “Das System des Terrors 1933 – 1945” (The System of Terror 1933 – 1945), which features many photos of material from the award-winning exhibition collection, gives extensive insight into a special area that had previously been largely neglected by researchers. His letter collection illustrates the cynical bureaucracy of the pen-pushers that evolved during the persecution of the Jews and other minority groups.

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Any collector who is active in the area of censored mail or victim correspondence should be grateful for Geissler’s detailed explanations, supplemented with choice covers. In addition, this clearly structured picture volume allows a distinction to be made between the different types of camps, such as main camps, satellite camps, sub-camps, forced labour camps, collection points, transit camps or even ghettos.

Book presentation at PRAGA World Stamp Exhibition

The book was presented by AIJP President Wolfgang Maassen at the PRAGA World Stamp Exhibition in the Czech capital on 16 August 2018 in the presence of author Claus Geissler and publisher Ulrich Felzmann.