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Personal coin collections

Are you interested in selling a coin collection that you have built up yourself? Giving up a labour of love is by no means easy, but it will be in good hands with our experienced experts.

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Benefit from the experience of our numismatists

When selling a coin collection into which you have invested immeasurable time, love and effort, it is important to have a partner with extensive experience and a sound knowledge of the market. Our numismatists not only know their business inside out but also share your passion for coins and monetary history. With us, you can be sure of having the right partner for high-quality numismatics.

Taking the best decision together

Your coins will be evaluated by our experienced experts and professionally prepared for presentation in the auction catalogue. We have been holding coin auctions with great success for over 15 years. Together with us, you can decide whether the coins should be auctioned as a complete collection or as individual lots. Needless to say, your wishes will be taken into account.

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All coin collections are welcome

Whether your collection is of a general or specialist nature, we will find the best way to present your coins, medallions, banknotes or medals to prospective bidders. Whether your coins stem from antiquity, the Imperial Era or are part of a modern euro collection, we know the markets for each individual area. Our international customer base offers you untold possibilities.

Share in the momentum of our auctions

Every auction is different, every auction is new – but every auction is also exciting. No other selling approach gives you the chance to earn proceeds well in excess of the starting price. Why not arrange to meet one of our resident experts for an initial chat here? Alternatively, you can e-mail us photos of your collection. In the case of large and/or valuable coin collections, we can also arrange for our experts to come to your home.

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