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Our service

Expert evaluation

Is my material valuable or not? Why not have the value of your stamps and coins determined by our experienced experts?

Expert advice

Your questions relating to stamps and coins will be answered by our experts. We will tell you the best way to prepare for the meeting.

Home visits

Use our free pick-up service for your consignment to the auction. Regular round trips and much more you will find here...

Presenting your treasures worldwide

Setting the stage for your stamps and coins ... We set great store by producing high-quality catalogues – after all, presenting your treasures in the best possible light is a crucial factor in securing the right price for them.

Verified quality

The genuineness and quality of our material is what makes our auctions so successful. Our specialists will cast an expert eye on your stamps and coins.


Special topics of stamps and coins from all over the world. What is so special about the Blue Mauritius? Why are china stamps that much in demand?


Here, we answer the most frequently asked questions on service, evaluations and expert advice.