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Special Philatelic Catalogue

Special Philatelic Catalogue

Special philatelic catalogue “Per Ardua ad Astra”

The first hall auction of the year will kick off with our special philatelic catalogue “Per Ardua ad Astra”, which gives a detailed overview of aerophilatelic postal history in three chapters.

The desire to reach the stars has inspired human progress since the earliest days of civilisation. At Auktionshaus Felzmann, we have a longstanding tradition of auctioning covers that convey this spirit of discovery – which is why we take particular pleasure in presenting a catalogue featuring such exceptional material. This auction can take its place in the series of successful and exciting specialist auctions in a collection field that we have helped to shape.

In three chapters, “Per Ardua Ad Astra – Through Adversity to the Stars” paints a detailed picture of aerophilatelic history, from the beginnings with ballons montés, to the pioneering achievements of Zeppelin and airmail all the way to the modern cutting-edge technology of rocket mail, including astrophilately, the final reach for the stars.

In addition to often unique covers, the “Per Ardua Ad Astra” special collection includes outstanding individual stamps that bear testimony to an Italian industrialist’s passion for philately and his efforts to create an extensive a collection as possible.

Early balloon flight covers allow us to revel in the past, as do the Zeppelin mail covers and stamps that were sometimes sent from exotic corners of the world simply for the joy of technical advancement offered by the Zeppelin and of having them transported by elegant airships. The range of material is rounded off by a small but impressive selection of Zeppelin memorabilia, including a card entirely written and signed by Count Zeppelin himself.

Many of the unique events that have brought humanity one step closer to the stars are documented in the form of envelopes and artefacts – in many cases issued officially by the space agencies. However, sometimes the private documents of cosmonauts and astronauts provide an intimate glimpse into their thoughts. From the first steps of the pioneering rocket mail to the space programmes of the two Cold War adversaries all the way to peaceful joint space exploration, there are a great many covers and stamps that capture the global fascination with transporting letters in initially unconventional ways.

We hereby invite you to reach for the stars with us. Let yourself be whisked away on the wings of postal history and join in our special auction on 8 March 2018, as part of the 161st hall auction.

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