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Our Chinese collections exceeded all expectations

Our Chinese collections exceeded all expectations

The room filled up as we moved closer to the Chinese collections of the 155th auction, more specifically lot 6315 and 6318. The first was an extraordinarily good collection of the Chinese Empire collected from 1878-1949 and was simply full of treasures.
The second was a Shanghai local post collection from 1865-1897 collected by a specialist in the field and was uniquely filled with a number of rarities.
Already at the lot viewing, several of our guests could not hide their surprise and excitement over the quality of the lots.
When the first of the lots finally came under the hammer, the now full room was joined by several telephones bidders from Great Britain, the USA, Hong Kong, and of course China. Our moderate starting price of €10,000.00 per lot was just a formality in this case and just a few seconds after the bidding opened to the floor, phones and internet, the starting price was quickly disappearing into the distance.
This was a proper bidding war, with the room, telephones and internet all clamoring to get a bid in. A bidder in the room managed to hold on to Empire collection (lot 6315) with a winning bid of €34,000.00.
The Shanghai local post however climbed ever higher and higher in a duel between two telephone bidders and with it the suspense of the room climbed as well. Eventually only one bidder remained and lot 6318, the Shanghai local post, reached a sensational hammer price of €84,000.00.

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