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Medals in auction

Whether personal, death or thematic medals, each medal is minted and awarded for a specific event and tells stories that have moved people for centuries - let yourself be inspired!

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Successfully selling medals at auction

Have you inherited medals or would you like to sell your own collection? We achieve very good prices for medals in our auctions.

Medals are a very exciting and popular field of collecting in numismatics. Medals were issued for various occasions. We have gathered a few of the well-known types of medals and show some examples.

Which medals would you like to sell? Our experts will be happy to advise you on the value of your medals and the possibilities of selling them in our auction.

 Personal medals

Bronze medal on the occasion of the birth of Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm August Ernst of Prussia on 6 May 1882.

Medals of Events

Event medal on the occasion of King Friedrich August's visit to the Freiberg Mulden Ironworks on 6 April 1905.
Event medal on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the Saxon royal house of Wettin. For this celebration in 1889, 709 copies of the 5-mark medals were minted.
Event medal celebrating the survival of the German Emperor Wilhelm in an assassination attempt on 11 May 1878.
Event medal commemorating the brotherhood in arms between Prussia and Austria. Emperor Wilhelm II and Emperor Franz Joseph are depicted as representatives.

Death medals

Death medal on the occasion of the death of Emperor Frederick of Prussia on 15 June 1888.

You would like to sell medals?

Please feel free to contact us. We will make an appointment for a no-obligation consultation with our medals experts.

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