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Historical Medals - Contemporary Testimonies from Brandenburg and Prussia

Discover and examine contemporary medals at Auktionshaus Felzmann.

Medals - metallic, round like a coin and usually stamped on both sides. At first glance, a medal can be mistaken for a coin, as it is produced by an engraver or medallist using the same methods of craftsmanship. It is only a direct nominal value that you will not find on a medal. This is because they are not a form of payment.

While commissions to design coins in the 18th century were only awarded to renowned coin engravers, at least as many talented people were active in this craft without state commissions and also produced medals, among other things. Motifs were invented by the engravers themselves, designed for specific occasions or made at the request of customers.
The result is a colourful field of motifs that reflect the eventful history of the Central European region and invite us to explore the past.

Over 200 medals, which went under the hammer at the summer auction in July 2019, provide an excerpt from the eventful history of the territories of Brandenburg and Prussia. Besides historical personalities, many events of the time are depicted, such as accessions to the throne, battle scenes, tributes and more. Such a comprehensive offer provides those interested with deeper insights into bygone days and impressive arts and crafts.

Los #132 aus der 166. Auktion des Auktionshauses Ulrich Felzmann GmbH & Co. KG. Bild vergrößern

Lot 132: Silver medal Baden (Ludwig Wilhelm, 1677-1707) on the battle of Höchstädt on 13 August 1704.

This Baden silver medal was issued under Regent Ludwig Wilhelm of Baden for the Battle of Höchstädt in 1704. The obverse shows medallion images of the victors of the battle: Prince Eugene of Savoy, John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough and Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm. The reverse shows a reclining river god and Victoria, goddess of victory, sitting between trophies and writing the date of the battle on a shield.

Los #1623 aus der 166. Auktion des Auktionshauses Ulrich Felzmann GmbH & Co. KG. Silbermedaille, vermutlich von C. Sucro, Mit Fleis dein Arbeit treib, drei Bienenstöcle, Schweig still zv havse bleib, fraven spieg, Schnecke nach links kriechend, seltenBild vergrößern

Lot 1623: Silver medal "Love and Marriage", obverse with scroll and: "SWEIG STIL ZU HAUB BLEIB", reverse with three beehives and inscription: "MIT FLEIS DEIN ARBEIT TREIB".".

Rarely seen like this: A thematic medal on marriage. The inscription suggests that it was a gift for the "good wife at home". "SCHWEIG STIL ZU HAUSE BLEIB - MIT FLEIS DEIN ARBEIT TREIB" was probably also to be understood as an invitation. The symbolism of the busy bee in the form of the three beehives on the lapel seems to figuratively underline the message of the inscription.

Los #406 aus der 166. Auktion des Auktionshauses Ulrich Felzmann GmbH & Co. KG. Bronzemedaille, 1888, von Geyer, auf die Thronbesteigung am 15. Juni, Die Büsten des Kaisers und der Kaiserin, Putto mit Palmzweig, Friedrich dem deutschen Kaiser, PreußenBild vergrößern

Lot 406: Bronze medal 1888, Wilhelm II (1888-1918) for his accession to the throne on 15 June.

This impressive collection of historical pewter, bronze and silver was brought together and cared for over three generations by a family from the former DDR.
Now that the pieces have given their owners enough fun and joy, the Felzmann auction house offered the opportunity to bid on them and experience this joy for themselves.

After the initial contact at the World Money Fair 2019, numismatist Alexander Udwari visited the consignor after the event. There was a lively exchange about the pieces, and after intensive examination, the collection found its way to Düsseldorf. Here it was divided up and processed accordingly by our experts. The result of this process can be seen in our catalogue archive.

The impressive richness of the collection resulted in an extensive contingent of about 170 lots, sorted by area and divided into collective and individual lots.

You can find more pieces in the picture gallery:

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