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How to submit material for auction

If you would like your stamps or coins to be included in one of our auctions, you should submit it and conclude an auction contract with us.

Teaser Bühne Leitfaden für Einlieferer
Beratung Briefmarken und Münzen Einlieferung Auktion
You get best consultation and estimation for best results 

Step by step – submitting material to Felzmann for auction

Teaser Team

1. Contact us

Find our contact form here. Call us or send us an e-mail. With this initial contact, our experts will ask you specific questions to allow them to gauge the approximate value of your collection.

2. Estimate

One of our experts will estimate the value of your material and tell you, taking into account the current market situation, what proceeds you can expect from the auction. The estimation can take place in our offices or, in the case of extensive and valuable collections, at your own home. Further information can be found here.

3. Accepting material for auction

When you provide one of our employees with stamps or coins for auction, we conclude an auction contract with you. By signing this contract, you commission us to sell the submitted items at one of our forthcoming auctions at the highest possible price. At the same time, you will be given a receipt for the material you have entrusted to us. From this moment onwards, your valuable material is fully insured by Felzmann.

4. Auction

The public auction takes place at a set time and date in our auction hall in Düsseldorf. You are welcome to attend the auction in person. Approximately one week after the auction, we will send you a preliminary statement of results informing you of the final acquisition prices.

5. Payment

Once the deadline for buying unsold lots has expired – around six weeks after the auction – you will receive the final statement. You will be paid the proceeds of the auction (less the agreed fees) by cheque, although payment is also possible in cash or by bank transfer if preferred.

For more information:

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China, Brief, Auktion, Brief, Einzelfrankatur, Übersee-Kuvert STADE 9/2 (1866) nach Ningpo an der Küste des Ostchinesischen Meeres
CHINA, 10 Gr green/olive, starting price: 5,000 €, hammer price: 18,000 €
unter russischer Herrschaft, Alexander II., 1855-1881. 10 Markkaa 1879. es handelt sich um die sehr seltene Variante 9 über 0. Fried. 4, Ausruf 1.000 Euro, Zuschlag 18.000 Euro
Gold coin, Russia, Alexander II., 1855-1881, Finnland, starting price: 1,000 €, hammer price: 18,000 €