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Having stamps evaluated

Any collection might contain a hidden treasure – including yours. Why not have the value of your stamps determined by our experienced experts?

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How much is my stamp worth on the market?

As every stamp is unique, it is never possible to state how much a specific stamp is worth without examining it. The key differences can only be recognised with a highly trained eye. Only a stamp expert can determine the quality of a stamp and gauge the current demand for it on the market. If there is a particular trend among collectors, even stamps of lesser quality can increase in value. If there are a large number of stamps on the market, the quality must be very high to achieve even a satisfactory price.

The wealth of experience of our stamp experts

Here at Felzmann, our experts have years of experience in evaluating stamps. When examining a stamp, trained philatelists recognise immediately what kind of stamp it is, how high the quality is and whether it is genuine or an imitation. This know-how only comes after having examined thousands and thousands of stamps. Only then is it possible to gauge the current value of a stamp.

Stamp evaluation is also geared towards current trends

The situation on the stamp market is always a relevant factor when determining the value of a stamp. Once our experts have evaluated your stamps, they will determine a price to be used as a starting bid for the auction. At the auction, of course, it is always possible that the price of a lot will be pushed up even further when several buyers are interested in it.

Would you like to have your stamps given a genuine estimate?

Simply send some photos to info@felzmann.de, via WhatsApp with (more information) or give us call on +49 (0)211 550 440. Of course you can also fill in our contact form and we will get in touch with you. We will tell you how to get the best price for your stamps.

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