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Having coins evaluated

Only an experienced expert can determine the actual value based on the quality of the coin and the current market situation. Because of this, our coin experts should be your first port of call.

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What is my coin worth on the market?

As the quality of coins varies widely, it is never possible to state how much a specific mintage is worth without examining it. Only a highly trained eye can recognise the crucial differences and evaluate the “condition” of the coin, i.e. how well it has been maintained. Another factor to consider is the fluctuating demand on the market. If there is a particular trend among collectors, even coins in somewhat inferior condition can increase in value. If there are a large number of coins on the market, the quality must be very high to achieve even a satisfactory price. 

The value of an expert eye

When examining a coin, trained numismatists recognise immediately what kind of coin it is, how good the condition is and whether it is genuine or an imitation. However, this kind of assured expertise only comes from having examined thousands and thousands of coins. Only then is it possible to gauge the current value of a coin.

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Price influenced by the market

At Felzmann, coins are evaluated by our numismatics experts with years of experience. The current market situation is always factored into the price estimation. As soon as our experts have evaluated your coins, they will determine a price to be used as a starting bid for the auction. At the auction, of course, it is always possible that the price of a lot will be pushed up even further when several buyers are interested in it.

unter russischer Herrschaft, Alexander II., 1855-1881. 10 Markkaa 1879. es handelt sich um die sehr seltene Variante 9 über 0. Fried. 4, Ausruf 1.000 Euro, Zuschlag 18.000 Euro
1000 M Deutsches Kaiserreich, 10.4.1896, sehr seltene Banknote, EH III

Having your coins and medals evaluated by our experts

You can have the value of your coins determined by our experts. Following this, we will tell you how to get the best price for your coins.

For a first estimation the easiest way would be, you send some photos to info@felzmann.de, via WhatsApp (more information) or you give us a call on +49 (0)211 550 4419. Of course you can also fill in our contact form and we will get in touch with you.

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