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FAQs – coins

Frequently asked questions about coins.

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Questions about coins

Everyone who finds, inherits or had previously purchased coins has the same questions that they would like to ask. The most frequently asked questions from our customers have been compiled for you here.

What are my coins worth?

First of all, it should be noted that every coin is unique. The quality of the coins and the condition they are in are key factors in determining their price on the market. Owing to the demographic shift, demand is not constant but rather changes all the time. This means that if you see your coin in a catalogue, the price indicated should only be taken as a very rough guide to the value of your specimen. Even a small difference can indicate whether you have a rare coin or a mass-produced one. Our experts are well acquainted with current demand levels and can give you a realistic estimation of how much your coins are worth. At the auction itself, you will ultimately find out what collectors are willing to pay for them.

Will the value of my coins rise again?

Fundamentally speaking, the level of demand at any given time is the key factor in the determining the value of coins. However, it is safe to assume that the value of mass-produced coins will not rise in the future. If coins have been minted millions of times, they are of no real value for collectors. In the case of rare coins and coins from countries that are relatively new for collectors, it is possible for trends to develop that will push up demand again. However, this is very difficult to predict. Apart from the question of how much a coin is worth to collectors, its value can also change with the rise and fall of metal prices.

When does the price of gold rise?

We would love to be able to answer this question, but unfortunately we cannot. The price of gold is also dependent on global demand. It fluctuates owing to developments in the financial sector, to political developments and to developments in the price of strong currencies such as the US dollar.