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FAQ about auctions

Frequently asked questions and answers about auctions, catalogues and viewing.

Questions about the auction

We have compiled the most important questions for you here.

When will I be given the proceeds?

  After the auction, it takes around six weeks until you receive your money.

Do I have to sign up to view auction lots?

It is absolutely not necessary to register to view material online. However, particularly during auction week, we would recommend that you do make an appointment as there is great demand for viewing spaces during these days. You can make an appointment by simply calling: +49 (0)211 550 440


Where can I order the catalogue?

The auction catalogue can be ordered either by phone or by using our order form. Needless to say, the auction catalogue will be sent to you free of charge. Why not order your auction catalogue now? Here.

What does “live bidding” mean? (Live auction)

Since the 150th auction, bidders have been able to take part in the auction in real time and to place their bids from their computer at home. All you need for this is a DSL line and a modern internet browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft IE. It is not necessary to install Java or any additional software. All you have to do is register with us before the auction.

How many auctions does Felzmann Auction House hold every year?

Generally speaking, we hold three stamp auctions and three coin auctions. As well as this, we organise special auctions for specific materials such as Zeppelin mail.

When can I submit material for auction?

This can be done at any time. Your material will automatically be put aside for the next possible auction. Generally speaking, the closing date for submitting material for an auction is around 6 to 8 weeks before the auction is scheduled to begin.