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Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Felzmann Auction House is named SME of the Year. Its modern marketing strategy also comes in for praise.

SME of the Year award presented to Ulrich Felzmann

In 2006, savings bank Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf, together with the then Lord Mayor of Düsseldorf Joachim Erwin, presented auctioneer Ulrich Felzmann with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for SMEs. The award speech laid particular emphasis on the “exceptional commercial success in the specialist field of philately, founded on modern marketing strategies”. On receiving the award, Ulrich Felzmann paid tribute to his employees: “The character of my auction house is shaped by a passion for philately. The freedom for innovation that I have always afforded my team ensures high levels of motivation. This was the key to our success in the international philatelic auction business”.

Success through innovation and forward thinking

Every year, savings bank Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf singles out outstanding local companies who have done exceptional service to the region. This distinction aims to promote innovation and forward thinking among companies, thus ensuring that Düsseldorf remains successful in the long term.