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Felzmann e@uction

As an attractive supplement to the three annual major hall auctions, we now offer you regular stamp and coin auctions that are held only online.

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e@uction - online auctions for stamps and coins

In the future, online auctions will be held regularly at www.felzmann.de. The e@uctions will be held exclusively online. Registered customers can place their bids via the live bidding platform from the comfort of their own homes. All you have to do to join in the bidding is register and start placing bids. At this auction, attractive collectors’ items can be acquired in the pocket money range.

Here you find our e@uction dates

Your advantages at the e@uction

  • Secure bidding from the comfort of your own home
  • Viewing and advance bids in the online catalogue
  • No additional software
  • No lot fee
  • Fast and straightforward registration 

What is an e@uction?

An e@uction is an auction that is held solely on an online platform. The entire auction is carried out electronically via a program. Before the auction, buyers and other interested parties register via the log-in area on the website. The auction lots are displayed on the online platform. Once the auction begins, the lots are called out one after another. In each case, the buyers have a few seconds in which to submit a bid for the lot in question. As soon as a bid is submitted, the clock counts down the time again from the top. If no further bid is submitted in the allotted time, the lot is awarded.

The sale of unsold lots will only be a for a few days after the e@uction. During this time unsold lots can be acquired for the starting price. Please note: No bids that are lower than the starting price will be accepted.

Lot viewing and advance bids online

The online auction lots are made available for viewing in the online catalogue around 2 weeks before the e@uction begins. Here, you can find each lot, complete with professional description and photos. As with our major auctions, you can submit preliminary bids online securely and conveniently. Please note that advance bids will only be accepted up to one hour before the auction begins and that we are not able to divulge information about advance bids.

As soon as the catalogue of the current e@uction is online, you find the catalogue here:

Online catalogue


In order to participate, a one-time registration is required via the log-in area on the homepage.

This way to the registration area