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Auction results

Here you find all results of the current auction. Download the lists as pdf.


162nd Hall Auction (3rd until 7th July, 2018)

161st Hall Auction (6th until 10th March, 2018)

160th Hall Auction (7th until 11th November, 2017)

159th Hall Auction (4th until 8th July, 2017)

158th Hall Auction (7th until 11th March, 2017)

13th e@uction 

12th e@uction (14th until 15th December, 2016)

157th Hall Auction

11th e@uction (28th and 29th September, 2016)

10th e@uction (24th and 25th August, 2016)

156th Hall Auction (28th June until 2nd July, 2016)

More results in the archive

Result lists from more auctions you find in our catalogue archive.