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Auction of major gold coins

Gold coins are not only pleasing to the eye. They tell stories with their imprint and are worth quite a bit.

Coins that represent a multiple of the original nominal value are often referred to in numismatics as major gold. They are particularly popular with collectors, as the collector's value is far higher than the material value and they are usually quite rare. They used to be common means of payment, but today they are only minted for collectors. The auction included a special coin that was minted in London in 1668. The Five Guineas, showing the head of Charles II, was struck from gold imported from West Africa by the British African Company. It was the 20th year of the reign of Charles II, who reigned from 1660 to 1685, but had already been crowned king in 1649 in French exile.

Lot 1318, Five Guineas, 1688, London, knockdown: 10.000 Euro.

Also from Great Britain was a gold coin depicting the bust of James II wearing a laurel wreath. The estimate was 1,500 euros.

Lot 1319, Guinea, 1688, London, estimate: 1.500 Euro, knockdown: 3.150 Euro.

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The history of the gold coin

The first gold coin was minted in the sixth century BC on the orders of the Lydian king Croesus, who was known for his wealth. This is where the expression "I am not Croesus" comes from, when you want to imply that something is too expensive for you. However, silver coins were minted earlier, around 620 BC.

In Germany, however, the first gold coin was minted only in 2001. This was a German mark made of pure gold to say goodbye to the old currency and introduce the euro. Since then, a 100-euro coin weighing ½ ounce (equivalent to 14.1748 grammes) has been minted every year and sold at the current gold price plus production costs. In 2002, there was a one-off 200-euro gold coin weighing one ounce (28.3495 grammes).

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