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Currency notes and banknotes

Why not sell your currency note collection at a major international auction? We put our customers in contact with buyers from all over the world.

Teaser Bühne Banknoten, Geldscheine,

Selling currency notes and banknotes

Paper money of all kinds is of interest to enthusiasts all over the world. If you would like to sell your personal or inherited collection of currency notes, banknotes, inflation money or emergency money, we can help you secure the best possible price. At our international auctions, there are buyers from all over the world.

What is the difference between banknotes and currency notes?

A banknote is a payment instrument made of paper or a comparable material. The generic term banknote also includes all currency notes. Currency notes are banknotes issued by a central bank (e.g. in euros by the European Central Bank). All currency notes are therefore banknotes.

However, not all banknotes are currency notes. These include, for example, 0 euro notes that are issued as souvenirs, but also emergency money. The latter can be issued by the state, communities or companies in special situations. In this case, they are banknotes but not currency notes.

I still have old banknotes and currency notes. What can I do with them?

If you would like to sell your collection or specific currency notes, the first thing you should do is seek advice from our experts. Experienced professionals can tell very quickly whether it makes sense to sell your notes or whether they are relatively worthless. If the material is valuable enough to go under the hammer, the notes can be included in the next auction.

Which banknotes and currency notes are the most valuable?

As with all collection material, the value is determined by supply and demand. In some cases, the face value of the banknotes is also still a factor. This should be taken into account when selling them.
Example 1: The cash value of a DM 1,000 note from the Federal Republic of Germany is €511.29.
Example 2: The legendary $100,000 note from the USA is of course always worth at least $100,000.

What is emergency money?

Notgeld, Geldschein, 100 Billionen, Düsseldorf, 1923
Emergency money, currency note, 100 billion, Düsseldorf, 1923

Emergency money is a form of currency that is issued by states, municipalities or companies in times of war or crisis as a replacement for official money. In most cases where emergency money is used, the actual currency has been weakened to the extent that people no longer have any confidence in it. Emergency money can also take the form of goods or foodstuffs.

Talk to our experts

We have many years of experience auctioning currency notes of all kinds from all over the world. Our most recent auctions indicate clearly that demand for rare, well maintained banknotes is very high. We would be happy to advise you on how to maximise the proceeds from your collection.

Prices fetched for banknotes at past auctions

Banknote, “Bank of Gdańsk”, 25 gulden, 1931, starting bid: €3,200, acquisition price: €3,500
Erste Banknote der Geschichte China
First Banknote of history, China, Ming Dynasty, starting bid: €5,000, acquisition price: €25,000
Banknote, Niederlande, 50 Gulden, 1943
Banknote, Netherlands, 50 guilders, 1943, starting bid: €450, acquisition price: €1,000
Banknote, Tschecheslowakei, 100 Kronen, 1919
Banknote, Czechoslovakia, 100 crowns, 1919, starting bid: €150, acquisition price: €3,600
China, 50 Yuan 1949, PMG 65 EPQ
China, 50 Yuan 1949, PMG 65 EPQ, starting bid: €800, acquisition price €11,000

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