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Special catalogue banknotes

An excellent collection with a focus on world banknotes. Very rare in this quality.

Banknote Special Catalogue at the Spring Auction 2022 at Auktionshaus Felzmann (15 - 19 March 2022)

We consider ourselves privileged to be able to offer you this outstanding collection in a special banknote catalogue. The collector, an enthusiast from northern Germany, has assembled the object over decades with great financial and time effort as well as outstanding expertise. Now it was time to think about disposing of it. After contacting several domestic and foreign companies, his choice fell on our house, which fills us with a certain pride.

The focus of the collection is on the world banknotes. These have been collected up to the highest denominations in mostly first-class, cash-fresh condition. Several pieces are graded and meet the highest standards. The consignment is supplemented by issues from other areas such as German colonies, high DM nominals or some emergency money issues.

At the end of the catalogue you will find more than 30 collections. While we have already summarised a number of items in small lots for you in the collector-friendly single lot section, you can indeed make finds in the "real" collection section.

Pick up the catalogue and feast your eyes on the often exotic motifs. Go on a mental journey through Africa, the Orient and other corners of our world. Leave the current situation behind and enjoy our wonderful hobby. Even if not only "collectors are happy people", collecting and the intensive engagement with the objects of our desire help us to leave behind the lowliness of daily life for a moment.

Peter B. Feuser, Head of Numismatics

Banknote, Spezial KAtalog, Auktion 174, Numismatik, 5000 Francs
Los 86 - 5000 Francs, O.D. (1962) PMG 58, WPM 13, I-

Video: 5000 Francs Cameroon Banknote (1962) from the Felzmann Special Catalogue International Banknotes

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