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Huge autograph and autograph collection

Extensive collection by Axel Schirrmacher. The life's work of an enthusiastic collector. Original autographs from film, sport, politics, art, science and much more.

Extensive collection of original autographs and contemporary documents in the auction at Ulrich Felzmann.

There are thousands of picture cards, autograph cards, photos and letters that will be offered at Ulrich Felzmann's upcoming autumn auction. The collector Axel Schirrmacher has spent his life collecting everything he could find on the subject of autographs.

Folders and boxes are lined up with partly sorted and partly unsorted collector's items. The collection covers the categories of film, music, opera, sport, politics, science and much more.

Here you can find everything a collector's heart desires. The spectrum ranges from newer pieces from the 90s to historical photos and letters. Surely there are still some lost treasures among them that want to be discovered...

Among the highlights seen so far are autographs of Charly Chaplin, Princess Diana, Mzuhammed Ali, Stan Laurel, Michael Schumacher, to name but a few.

A correspondingly long time must be planned for a viewing.

catalogue downloat autographs

Video Autograph Collection Axel Schirrmacher in Auction 

You can find more pieces as a small selection of the collection in the picture gallery:

charlie chaplin Autogrammkarte, autograph

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