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The ASSINDIA coin collection

For over thirty years, hundreds of gold and silver coins lay slumbering in a large bank vault before the heirs contacted the Felzmann auction house.


A captivating coin collection with a focus on mining

The collector, a mining manager and politician from the Ruhr area, had acquired coins and medals with a thematic focus on mining at auctions and from reputable specialist dealers for decades. In addition to entire series of talers, there were also more than twenty solvers in this outstanding collection. Here the spectrum ranged up to the 8-fold Schautaler of the Brunswick-Lüneburg-Cellen ruler Christian Ludwig from the year 1664.

But there were also lucky thalers and wild men as solvers, as well as a lead piece of an 8-fold solver of Johann Friedrich from the year 1670, which apparently has not been edited so far. This estate was rounded off by high-quality coins from antiquity with over 70 gold coins alone, thalers of the 19th century, Empire and Weimar as well as some selected foreign coinage. The abundance and quality of the collection was just as captivating as the fact
that this material had not been on the market for decades and could therefore justifiably be called "fresh".

Review of the ASSINDIA coin collection

Christian Ludwig, 1648-1665, Löser zu 8 Talern
Lot 210: Christian Ludwig, 1648-1665, Solver of 8 Thalers, 1664, LW - Clausthal, Av.: to the left hovering steed with brand CL under crown on the flank is wreathed by hand from cloud, below mining landscape with miners, houses, shaft pots and field rods, below slagheap with cart runner elevation of a pit with two miners at reel, to the sides two shafts, Rv. : crowned monogram between laurel branches surrounded by fourteen crowned coats of arms, with value mark 8, fine patina, in 8-fold thaler weight a numismatic rarity of the first rank, 230 gr, 72.5 mm., of great rarity, surcharge: 30,000 Euro.

... further solvers and thalers of the ASSINDIA yield collection

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