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Federal government issues 10-euro polymer coin in three parts

The mirror-finish version of the coin is limited to 250,000 pieces. The Felzmann auction house is giving away three copies.

"Air moves" - this is the motto of a three-part 10-euro coin series issued by the Federal Government. The kick-off will be on Thursday, 4 April 2019, with a coin made of two different copper-nickel alloys as well as a transparent polymer ring and the inscription "In the air". Weighing 9.8 grams and with a diameter of 28.75 mm, this collector's coin will be issued with the two minting qualities of stamp gloss and mirror gloss. The latter will be limited to 250,000 pieces. The polymer coin thematically follows the already issued €5 coins with the motto "Climate zones of the Earth" and "Planet Earth". These coins were completely sold out within a very short period of time, and the 10-euro coin is expected to be just as popular, as no 10-euro coin has been issued since 2015.

The Federal Government has published a short image film on the coin.

"The coins have the nominal value that was also minted. They are very popular with collectors and can either be ordered in advance or exchanged at the Bundesbank," reveals Peter B. Feuser, Numismatics expert at Auktionshaus Felzmann. "Experience shows that there are long queues on the day of issue. Besides, only one coin per head is issued."

The 10-euro coin was minted in Berlin (A), Munich (D), Stuttgart (F), Karlsruhe (G) and Hamburg (J). The design is by artist Natalie Tekampe from Müncheberg and shows a paraglider flying in a mountain landscape. Andre Witting from Berlin designed the obverse, which is identical on all coins of this three-part series. It features an eagle, the words "Bundesrepublik Deutschland", the value numeral and designation as well as the year 2019 and twelve European stars.

The polymer ring technology has already been used for the 5-euro coins and was developed in Germany. This ring is supposed to be as forgery-proof as a modern banknote. In 2020 and 2021, the two other coins in the miniseries will be released under the motto "On Land" and "On Water" to delight collectors' hearts.

Good to know: The commemorative coins are considered normal means of payment and must be accepted in shops for amounts up to 200 euros. "However, some businesses point out in advance that they cannot be redeemed for goods. In addition, the coins could cause irritation because they are not known everywhere," says Feuser. "So it's better to collect them and keep them safe."

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